Quilting Exhibition

‘What Are Your Values’ by Sharon Nichols-Thomson: “Do you use once and throw away or do you reuse, make do and repurpose? We need to value objects more and make them part of a cycle of use. This cyclic piece makes use of mini scraps from my last year’s challenge piece. As I stitch them down I revisit and relove each little piece. Just like quilters through the centuries.”

It was on my way home from a week long road trip that I discovered the Gilgandra Cooee Heritage and Information Centre. Situated in a lovely and large green space in the middle of town, this well kept place, complete with clean ammenities, beautifully displays the town’s rich cultural heritage, as well as a memorial with many artifacts dedicated to the “Cooee March” which took place in the town many decades ago now.


As well as some local wood sculpted art, what caught my eye was the patchwork quilting exhibition just starting that morning, featuring some beautiful work containing reused materials, all having special meaning to the makers.

‘Re – A Drop of Golden Sun’ by Rachel Daisy: “The prefix of the challenge theme words remind me of the song Do-Re-Mi in which ‘Re’ is ‘a drop of golden sun’.  My home is solar powered so as I made the sun from recycled materials I thought how the sun’s rays are repurposed into energy that powers my sewing machine.  Quilted with reloved yarn gleefully rescued from an op shop.”
‘The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread’ by Wendy Nutt: “Each layer is recyled from a different era. Backing – 2 layers of flannelette sheeting my children used in the 1990s. Background – a 1950s calico sheet provided by my husband’s grandmother. Teabags – 2016 leftovers from morning tea, coloured with ink tense pencils, coated with an acrylic wax finish.”
‘Harmony’ by Keiko Arita: “The Kanji (Chinese character) has a meaning of ‘Harmony’.  The fabrics used for the top are all second-hand silk ties I bought at charity shops.”


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