Lime violet tea cup

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Lime Violet Tea Cup

A favourite tea cup and saucer. The saucer is still in one piece, the cup not so lucky, although I’ve kept the pieces along with a lot of other pieces from over the years. I may one day learn to make mosaic art.

framed Lime Violet Tea Cup
Click the image above to customize framed wall art to your liking – many frames, mats and sizes to choose from. Featured: Framed with white washed barn wood (frame ID BWM3 in the white frame colour section), no mat, print size 14″ x 9.375″.

5 Replies to “Lime violet tea cup”

  1. Pansies! Grew up surrounded by them. They’re sprouting outside even as I type.
    But what do you mean by edible flowers? Do you make tea out of them?


    1. Hi there! I haven’t made tea with violets myself (are pansies and violets the same..?) but we eat the flowers fresh picked. I tried putting them into cake mixture once but they disappeared a bit when the cake was cooked. I think they’re better as a garnish, or in a salad, very pretty! I’ve heard the leaves are edible too but I haven’t tried that yet 😊


      1. actually they are quite close to each other but there does seem to be some difference between the two. However, I am going to find out if I can make tea with them.


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