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My art and photography is available printed on all kinds of things.  I’m currently trialing five print-on-demand stores (listed in the menu at the top of every page): lower prices on Threadless and bundle discounts on Redbubble give great value overall, while Society6 has a greater range of products, including furniture, and some unique wall art options. Pixels (FAA) wall art comes in many sizes (without cropping the artwork unless a customer chooses) and offers many options when it comes to canvas and framed prints.  I use Zazzle to supplement with products that are not available on any of the other stores.

To make browsing a little easier, I’ve begun featuring products from all stores here on site. I haven’t listed prices as 2 of the 5 sites is listed in US dollars only, while the rest can be changed to your preferred currency, possibly making it a bit confusing, as well as being extra upkeep if prices change.

Any print you see on a product is almost always available on any product you see. If you have trouble finding something specific, let me know; likewise, if there is any image in the blog you would like to see printed (on anything), let me know in the comments below that image, or contact me privately here.

All sites are a work in progress, so stay tuned!

If you’re wondering how all this print-on-demand stuff works, I’ve attempted to explain it here. Feel free to add something in the comments.

Blog (home page)

It’s where I share my art and photography, which may include my latest available prints, or some of my gardening or travel photography, and maybe a chin wag.

Feel free to subscribe to these posts (follow blog via email below); posting is extremely random at this stage.

Enjoy looking around 🙂

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