Zen Gardening


It’s the art of doing nothing, at least that’s what I’m calling it. For a few months I’ve been watching the weeds grow taller and taller and remained inside most of the time; too wet, muddy or cold.  I’ve started pulling up the weeds and found things weren’t so bad – the ground is really soft making it easier, plus a few things were still growing from when I’d actually gardened.


My favourite find was the self seeded coriander, I had coriander going to seed in the pot beside where it is growing now, a handy result for, again, doing nothing. These are doing better than the same seeds I collected and scattered in a different bed.

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Summer Gardening


I’ve never particularly liked gardening in the Summer as I’ve often had plants fry during heat waves or hot winds.  This way of thinking is slowly starting to subside after my 3rd Summer back in Victoria since spending many Summers in South Australia – the driest state in a very dry continent – those hot dry conditions were no picnic.

Despite my lack of organization and my tendency to neglect the garden for several days at a time, plants keep growing and producing food, and we are eating it.  Only tonight I decided to make a batch of tomato soup (I prefer that to preserves) with the basketful we had sitting on the bench, plus some that I picked this afternoon – mostly cherry tomatoes.  I saved some good ones from the fresh picked to give away tomorrow morning, and a few are left on the bench for my breakfast ritual of tomato on toast.  We are struggling to keep up.

Some of the tomatoes we’ve harvested – Daydream, Tommy Toe, Purple Calabash, Black Cherry, Broad Ripple Yellow Currant, Thai Pink Egg… still waiting on Roma tomatoes which were planted later.

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