Zen Gardening


It’s the art of doing nothing, at least that’s what I’m calling it. For a few months I’ve been watching the weeds grow taller and taller and remained inside most of the time; too wet, muddy or cold.  I’ve started pulling up the weeds and found things weren’t so bad – the ground is really soft making it easier, plus a few things were still growing from when I’d actually gardened.


My favourite find was the self seeded coriander, I had coriander going to seed in the pot beside where it is growing now, a handy result for, again, doing nothing. These are doing better than the same seeds I collected and scattered in a different bed.

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Densely Planted and Overgrown

From left, kale, beetroot and tomatoes.  Hiding underneath: dark opal basil, honeydew


Honeydew vines beginning to reach out over the edge of the raised bed, tomatoes (purple calabash) right behind them.

You are looking at approximately 3 months of growth from the time of sowing these seeds; these photos are at least a couple of weeks old already and things have become even wilder, spilling out over the path.  It’s what happens when you sow a heap of seeds with the intention to thin / transplant seedlings out into the garden, only you don’t.

We’ve had a lot of beetroot leaves to use as spinach, not sure how the actual beetroot will turn out being so densely planted, possibly more of a carrot shape!

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