Morning Chill

Wood Wood, Victoria, last Saturday morning at around 8am. A cosy -2 degrees celcius.

Rural Australia Remnants

An old disused and overgrown cattle yard; looking down the ramp that would lead onto the back of a cattle truck.

Abandoned farmhouse.

It was a fresh morning several months ago when I set out on a drive locally to see what I could find to photograph.  I wound up on the Terricks Road somewhere between Echuca and Mitiamo, closer to the latter I think, finding a typically peaceful rural area.

Corner fence post at an old abandoned rural church.


The Wooden Sea Dragon


(Story told by my 7 year old Middle Man)

Once upon a time there was a big ship with lots of pirates who were in their beds. Then a spooky sea dragon came up out of the water and they all woke up and started to scare the sea dragon away, but it didn’t work. They knew what would make it go away – if they threw a piece of wood at it, it would turn to wood. So they threw it at the sea dragon and it turned into wood for a hundred years. Read More

Fun 4 Kids Festival, Warrnambool

Making ‘monster friends’.

We shared a holiday house with family in Warrnambool last week in order to make the most of the Fun 4 Kids Festival that is held there every year, this year being the festival’s 18th year.  Our companions were veterans but this was our first (and probably not the last) visit to the festival (Update: the festival is no longer running).

There is so much to do at this festival! You pay at the gate then everything inside is free (except lunch; we brought our own one day and bought it the next). You could pay daily or weekly or even get a 4 day pass, with single or family tickets available. We paid daily and made the most of those days (exhausting but utterly satisfying!) so we could also spend time checking out Warrnambool, although the weather wasn’t the best being the middle of Winter.


Part of the tiny tots room.

Activities and performances differ each year; on offer was woodwork, inflatable world, face painting, a bunch of art and craft activities, a jungle themed obstacle course, animation activities, ten pin bowling, science and musical performances and so much more.  This well organized event also features an army of helpers for every activity, as well as some great child safety measures such as optional wrist bands for name/phone number on entry, an abundance of ‘scarecrow’ helpers (for lost and found people), ever present first aid staff, and no children allowed through any exit alone. There was also the very thoughtful pram parking space, locker storage for all those made objects throughout the day, and a playful tiny tots area.

Making your own animation was a popular activity…

All in all, a fantastic week had.


Beveridges Station Camping

Last week we set off for a few days break in the High Country region of Victoria, starting with an overnight stay in Bright.  After spending the following morning enjoying Bright’s town centre, we headed off up the Mount Porepunkah road to reach the top of Mount Porepunkah.IMG_2482 Read More

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